Let’s face it. Sometimes applying for unemployment benefits isn't as easy as it seems, let alone the added complications after you've been denied.  But don't lose hope just yet.  Most of our clients come to us in need of some serious help to get the benefits they're entitled to. Here at ColoradoUnemploymentAppeals.org, we're passionate about helping you get back on track quickly and efficiently.




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The law that governs unemployment benefits is the Colorado Employment Security Act.  You can read it here.

The process of obtaining unemployment benefits is complicated, to say the least.  We will help you through the process and leverage the many intricacies that the Act has to offer in your favor.  With this strategy, we will maximize your chance of success.


We provide a free option for individuals appealing a denial of unemployment benefits.

The services we provide include analysis of your case, analysis of the law, strategizing the appeal, and representation through the  hearing.

Colorado Unemployment Appeals is a student-run organization, employing the best and brightest of future employment law attorneys.

Our team is experienced in the complicated process of unemployment appeals and knowledgeable about the intricacies of the pertaining law.

To date, of the claimants we represent, more than 90% are successful in overturning the decision, and are granted a full award of benefits.